At Canadian Investigative Solutions Inc. (CIS), we are a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced private investigators committed to delivering discreet, dependable, and professional investigative services. Our core team is comprised of former award-winning police detectives who bring a wealth of expertise to every case we undertake. With a proven track record of successfully investigating complex, multidimensional cases, we prioritize client satisfaction at CIS. 

Our private investigators boast extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, and business, equipping them with valuable investigative skills, a profound understanding of criminal behavior, operational management proficiency, corporate knowledge, and legal procedure expertise. This diverse and comprehensive background empowers our private investigators to approach cases with a strategic and analytical mindset, offering a unique blend of capabilities rarely found in our industry.

The private investigators at Canadian Investigative Solutions have earned a sterling reputation as highly competent and trusted professionals. With experience spanning global investigations in both law enforcement and the private sector, they are well-positioned to tackle cases across a broad spectrum of complexity and scope.


Experience: With decades of combined experience in both police and private investigative work, our team of private investigators guarantees reliable and effective results for every case.

Confidentiality: Recognizing the sensitive nature of our work, we prioritize your privacy above all else. Be assured that all information pertaining to your case will be handled discreetly and securely.

Personalized Approach: We tailor our investigative strategies to cater to the unique requirements of each client, providing personalized solutions and offering regular updates throughout the process.

Legal Compliance: At CIS, we possess a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that govern private investigative work. We take great care to guarantee that our practices consistently align to all legal guidelines and requirements, ensuring that the evidence we gather can be effectively utilized in a court of law if the need arises.

Global Reach: In certain cases, investigations may extend beyond international borders. To address such scenarios effectively, our agency has established an extensive network of contacts and partners in various countries, enabling seamless coordination and execution of cross-border investigations. 

24/7 Availability: Our commitment to serving our clients knows no bounds, as we offer round-the-clock availability for consultations and updates.