Private Investigative Services

Insurance Claims Support: CIS private investigators can assist insurance companies in various ways when it comes to auto theft and personal property theft claims.

CIS private investigators will help mitigate losses, expedite claims processing, and reduce fraud. The ways that CIS can be of assistance to insurance companies will be through vehicle recovery, fraud detection, surveillance, interviewing witnesses, background checks, expert testimony, gathering evidence, data analysis and legal support.

Signed Statement Services: A signed statement holds the status of a legally binding document, eligible for submission as evidence in a court of law. Our agency excels in the art of procuring signed statements from individuals such as witnesses, victims, or other pertinent parties embroiled in a given case. These instances may encompass the process of recording statements for civil proceedings, criminal investigations, or insurance claims.

Corporate Investigations: CIS private investigators assist businesses with a range of services, including employee background checks, intellectual property theft investigations, fraud detection, and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.

Infidelity Investigations: Infidelity is a deeply personal and emotionally charged issue that can strain relationships and cause immense distress. In such circumstances, our CIS private investigators ensure a discreetly gathering evidence to confirm or refute suspicions of a partner's unfaithfulness.

Child Custody Investigations: CIS private investigators gather evidence related to a parent's fitness for custody, their living conditions, and their ability to provide a safe environment for the child.

Person to Locate/Missing Persons Investigations: Missing persons investigations are a critical aspect of both law enforcement and private investigative work, encompassing efforts to locate individuals who have disappeared intentionally or under suspicious circumstances. 

Background Checks: CIS private investigators perform background checks on individuals for various purposes, such as pre-employment screening, tenant screening, or due diligence for business transactions.

Personal Injury Investigations: CIS private investigators gather evidence to support personal injury claims, including traffic accidents and slip-and-fall incidents.

Surveillance: CIS private investigators are professionally trained surveillance operators with hundreds of hours of in-field experience. This can be used in cases of suspected infidelity, insurance fraud, workers' compensation fraud, or other situations requiring discreet observation.

Counter-Surveillance: CIS private investigators can help individuals and organizations detect and mitigate surveillance by others.

Interviews and Interrogations: CIS private investigators possess advanced training in conducting interviews, encompassing expertise in forensic interviewing and interrogations. They are adept at extracting valuable information from both witnesses and suspects while unwaveringly adhering to legal and ethical guidelines. 

Complex Investigations: Complex investigations encompass cases characterized by multiple layers of information, numerous involved parties, or intricate circumstances. These investigations present notable challenges, demanding a superior level of  expertise, extensive experience, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Cold Case Investigations: The Cold Case private investigators at CIS undertake the responsibility of reopening and re-evaluating unresolved criminal cases, missing persons incidents, and other significant crimes. 

Collaboration with Law Enforcement and Legal Professionals: In numerous instances, our private investigators establish close collaborative relationships with law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and other legal professionals. 

Re-VINned Vehicles:

In today’s car market there is an epidemic in buying a re-vinned (re-VINned) car, also known as a "cloned" or "rebuilt" vehicle, it can be risky as it may have a fraudulent or altered Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

If your vehicle gets stolen and it comes up as a re-vinned vehicle the insurance company, you have your policy will do a full investigation prior to settling your claim. This investigation could take up to a year to complete prior to settling or they may not settle at all if they believe you did not do your due diligence prior to the purchase of your vehicle.

CIS offers a service whereby we examine and ensure that your vehicle is not a re-vinned vehicle giving you piece of mind when your complete your purchase.